Simple Will

A will is a legal document which sets out how you want the things you own to be distributed when you die. Wills aren’t just for people who own property or have lots of money.  Making a will removes the doubts and difficulties that can arise when there is no evidence of the deceased person’s wishes.  A will can provide for the people you care about, leave particular items to certain people, leave any  instructions you may have (for example, about your funeral arrangements) and make a gift to charity if you wish.


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney gives your Attorney the power to deal with your financial affairs. It does not prevent you from being able to deal with your own financial affairs, however it just makes provision to allow someone to assist you where necessary.  A Power of Attorney can contain all sorts of conditions and limitations as to its use by your Attorney. There is a formal procedure to be followed to revoke your Power of Attorney.


Enduring Guardian


Appointment of an Enduring Guardianship gives your appointed Guardian the right to make personal and lifestyle decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing this for yourself.  You can give your Enduring Guardian as many or as few functions as you like, and you can also stipulate conditions and directions such as a direction to not resuscitate.