Law24 Conveyancing Purchase Costs*


Legal Costs


Law24 Online Conveyancing fee    $660.00

Management of paper contract     $110.00

(if required)  

Estimated Disbursements

VOI fee                                                   $49.00

Council Rates Certificate                  $137.70

Water Rates Certificate                       $28.80

Transfer Duty EDR fee                         $10.85

SignIt fee (electronic contracts)           $5.95

Postage (paper contracts)                  $12.45

per express post envelope

Photocopying (paper contracts)           $0.10 per page B & W

                                                                    $0.25 per page Col

Third Party Payments

PEXA workspace fee                               $116.60

single title only

Mortgage registration fee                       $146.40

Transfer registration fee                          $146.40

Transfer Duty (stamp duty) calculate below:








* Prices include GST where applicable.  The information provided by the calculator is intended to provide examples based on stated assumptions and inputs.  Prices shown are estimates only, may not include all costs which will be incurred in your transaction and do not take into account your individual circumstances.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Where the transaction occurs completely online, no paper management fee will be charged.  Where Law24 is required to produce and/or manage a paper contract, the paper contract management fee will apply. This quote should be read in conjunction with our standard Terms & Conditions which will form part of our Costs Agreement with you.

Legal Costs Estimate


Law24 fees          $660.00 (online)
Disbursements:  $172.45

Terms and Conditions apply